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Jeff Georgi


Jeff has worked in the addiction field and practiced psychotherapy with a focus on families and group counseling for more than 40 years. He holds licenses as a Clinical Addiction Specialist, a Certified Clinical Supervisor, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Group Psychotherapist by the American Association of Group Psychotherapy. He remains a consulting faculty member in the Department of Behavioral Medicine, Division of Addiction Research and Translation as well as a faculty member of the Duke University School of Nursing. He earned his BA from Duke University and his M.Div. in Pastoral Psychology from the Duke Divinity School and The Philadelphia Divinity School. Jeff completed an Internship and Residency program in Pastoral Counseling at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medical Center and earned a Master’s in Allied Health at Duke University.

Jeff has been affiliated with Duke University Medical Center for over three decades. During these years, he served as the clinical director of the Duke Addictions Program and held clinical appointments in the Departments of Surgery, Obstetrics, and Psychiatry. Working closely with Roy Mathew, M.D. Jeff developed a substance use disorder consult service that met the needs of patients throughout Duke Medical Center. This effort included involving addiction professionals throughout all areas of the hospital and outpatient clinics which included integration in the liver transplant team and the Department of Obstetrics. As an outgrowth of the latter, Jeff worked with Karen O’Donnell, PhD to develop the Family Care Program, which was a unique treatment intervention that addressed the clinical needs of pregnant women and/or women with young children who were struggling with severe substance use disorders. This mother/child approach became a model for the state of North Carolina and was used as the foundation for the development of other programs treating this population such as the Horizon Program at the University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill. He has also worked as the Director of Psychological Services for the Rice Diet Program in Durham, North Carolina.

Jeff has served as the Consensus Panel Co-chair for the Treatment Improvement Protocol, Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Psychotherapy, published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 2005. He was also a panel member for the Treatment Improvement Protocol, Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Abuse Treatment, 2001 and a contributing author for the Treatment Improvement Protocol, Brief Interventions and Brief Therapies for Substance Abuse 2001, published by SAMHSA. A sought-after public speaker, he is also a national trainer and respected author in the areas of clinical spirituality, group psychotherapy, adolescent development, shame, grief, and loss as well as a number of other topics. In response to the needs of the treatment field, Jeff developed The Spiritual Platform™ which provides a clinical response to what can be a challenging concept for patients and clinicians to put into practice. If you are interested in Jeff’s training activities, please see our website www.georgicounseling.com.

Becky Georgi

Becky Georgi


Becky has worked for over thirty years with adolescents, young adults, adults and their families providing substance use education, prevention, and treatment. She holds licenses as a Clinical Addiction Specialist, a Certified Clinical Supervisor, and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She remains Adjunct Associate in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Division of Addiction Research and Translation Duke University Medical Center.

Becky and her husband, Jeff, co-founded Bluefield, Recovery Coaching Services, in Durham, NC to serve students and their families who are committed to a path of recovery, self-discovery and academic excellence. The novel support program provides a bridge from treatment to successful integration into the collegiate community. Integral to this transition is the emphasis on the wide range of emotional, social, and intellectual skills that lead to successful and meaningful academic achievement.

In addition to her work with Bluefield students, Becky also manages Georgi Educational and Counseling Services (GECS) in its work with educational, governmental, and non-profit as well as for-profit organizations. For over seven years, she has designed and implemented programs and treatment protocols with Jeff Georgi for the Phoenix Center, Greenville, South Carolina and for Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS), Columbia, South Carolina. These efforts provided clinicians with professional development by introducing them to an integrated model of addictive disease, the biological, psychological, social, spiritual, experiential model (BPSSEM) and the information supporting the evidence based Modified Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy Group (MIGP) which is beneficial to both patients and clinicians.  This professional development program is sustained by applying the implementation science through a collaborative effort with J-SAT.

Becky also has extensive experience in mental health and substance abuse treatment in residential, inpatient, and outpatient settings as a clinician. Chief among these experiences was her work as the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program Director at the Duke Addictions Program. She is well versed on the subject of adolescent development, having served as a consultant to a number of college preparatory schools as well as a full time staff counselor and Wellness director for Durham Academy. Much of her work focuses on improving parental awareness of drug, alcohol, and substance abuse prevention as well as how to foster better communications within families on these topics.

She earned her BS and MS from Indiana University and completed the Menninger Foundation certificate program in Family Therapy.

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