Family Therapy

We believe families are powerful. Because of the lasting impact that family life has on an individual, we believe that family involvement in a therapeutic experience is often beneficial to our patients. Family therapy offers an opportunity for shared emotional support, not only for the patient suffering from mental illness, but also for the other family members who that illness has affected.

Is Family or Couple Therapy Successful?

Every family offers different dynamics. Some families are very close and rely heavily on each other, while others are seemingly more independent from each other. Regardless of the family style, when one member of a family struggles with addiction, depression or any other mental health issue, it can take a toll on the entire group. Some families may unknowingly undermine individual efforts and intensify problems, feeding the illness or alternatively, families may provide a network of understanding and social support that helps lead individual members of the family to a healthier lifestyle through emotional growth, intellectual expansion and relational connections.


Jeff Georgi Family Therapy

Recovery is stronger when all family members understand the nature of drug addiction and are involved in the healing process. By educating you about the disease of addiction and the different ways family members are affected—whether parent, child, spouse or partner—family therapy provides an opportunity to work through the challenges of addiction while creating a new future. With care and support, your family can work through the chaos you’ve experienced, understand how to set healthy boundaries, gain new communication skills, and begin rebuilding relationships.

How Do Family Sessions Work?

Our family sessions are usually scheduled for 60 to 90 minutes, and may include a psycho-educational component. Family sessions are designed to ultimately help reach our individual patient’s desired outcome, through leveraging the honesty, emotional support and strengths of his/her family or loved ones.

What If I am Not Close with My Family or They Are Not Willing to Participate?

While family sessions can be highly beneficial in a patient’s treatment plan, they are not the only solution. For patients who do not have contact with family members, or who do not feel comfortable with family sessions, individual or group therapy sessions may be a better solution. Many patients find our group therapy sessions foster a similar sense of family, even though there is no familial relation.

Through our initial assessment process, together we will determine if family or couples therapy is the right path for you.

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