Group Therapy

Our group therapy sessions are built on the foundation that all human beings have a universal desire to belong. People are fundamentally relational, and often thrive when supported by other people.

How Does Group Therapy Fit into a Successful Treatment Plan?

When you are faced with substance use, addiction, depression or any other challenging mental health struggle, you may find yourself withdrawn and isolated. Even when surrounded by others, you may often feel alone. Our group therapy sessions are designed to help you use the power of connection to help you reach your therapeutic goals.

Jeff Georgi Group Therapy

Often group therapy complements individual therapy as part of a successful path to treatment. Most group members are usually in individual therapy with one of our experienced professionals, or have been referred by another therapist, who will continue to monitor their treatment.

How Do the Group Therapy Sessions Work?

Believing that we make life changes only when it is safe enough to do so, we use a Modified Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy approach which is intentionally non-shaming and non-confrontational. This approach creates a nurturing environment where individuals support one another as they take the steps toward vulnerability which challenges internal messages of shame. As a relational laboratory group supports individuals to come out of the shadow of isolation and into the light of connection.

Group sessions are held for 90 minutes, and the day of the week varies depending on the group members. Our men’s group currently meets on Monday night from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. Contact our Practice Manager for information about our Adolescent Group.

How Do I Sign Up For Your Group Therapy?

If you are interested in treatment from Jeff Georgi & Associates, contact us today to get started. We will begin with an initial assessment, and determine if group therapy is a viable option for you. Contact us to learn more about our group therapy, or read through our other treatment services.

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