Individual Therapy

Are you looking for individual therapy sessions in Durham, NC? Jeff Georgi & Associates, LLC offers evidence-based treatment for a variety of substance use disorders and other mental health issues. Our experienced professionals work closely with individuals to identify their unique struggles in mental health and create a treatment plan tailored to their needs, while simultaneously offering compassionate care.

How Do Your Individual Therapy Sessions Work?

When it comes to individual therapy sessions, we utilize a patient-directed, outcome-driven approach that first identifies the end results you hope to achieve. Then, working inward, we identify underlying issues, strengths, vulnerabilities and personality traits that contribute to particular behaviors, and how to overcome challenges and utilize strengths for successful treatment experience.

Guided by the individualized treatment plan, through a motivational approach, we develop strategies that help you, and your loved ones, cope with life changes and create choices that lead to a successful future. You are always involved in your treatment plan and, ultimately, in charge of altering, continuing or ending treatment through ongoing feedback and sessions. We work with patients who struggle with addiction and mental health issues, such as:


Jeff Georgi Individual Therapy
  • Substance use
  • Addiction
  • Craving Management
  • Developing a Recovery Support Plan
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • And Other Associated Issues

Will Individual Therapy Work for Me?

Through getting to know each and every one of our patients, and catering to their unique needs, we have found our approach to be highly successful. At Jeff Georgi & Associates, we believe that mental health should be treated the same as any other health concern, with a treatment tailored to the individual. In some cases, individual therapy is the best option for our patients, while others rely heavily on group therapy or family therapy options. We will determine if individual therapy is a viable option for you in the initial assessment process, and work toward a plan for success from there.

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