Initial Assessment

Has your family experienced the ups and downs of substance use, addiction or other mental illness? Whether you or your loved one has struggled with substance use disorders and mental health issues, we understand that, no matter which family member faces hardship, it’s not an easy path for anyone to navigate.

How Does the Assessment Help You Create a Treatment Plan?

The goal of our assessment process is to identify and evaluate your presenting concerns, strengths, struggles and expectations for the future. The initial assessment gives us an opportunity to identify any underlying concerns that may be driving particular undesired behaviors.


Jeff Georgi Initial Assessment

We not only work closely with you throughout this process, but we also utilize those who know you best during the initial assessment period. With your permission, family members, significant others and other sources, such as primary care physicians, may offer information that will contribute to your individualized treatment plan.

What Happens After the Initial Assessment?

Once the treatment plan is defined and agreed upon by both parties, we will move into the chosen therapy and begin working toward your desired outcome.

The initial assessment is a crucial piece in the therapeutic process. No two treatment plans are exactly alike, which is why patients often find success in our approach.

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