Our Approach

As clinicians, we believe that all humans have a universal desire to belong, to be valued, and to experience life creatively. We believe in the ability of the human spirit to make this world a better place in which to live. Our approach is grounded in motivational enhancement theory; we help individuals and families harness their hopes and dreams. Our vision is to empower people to reach their full potential, and we know this is possible with the support and encouragement of others. The quality of our relationships with ourselves and others is a major determinant in our happiness, health, and productivity.


Treatment Goals

We utilize a client-directed, outcome-informed approach that begins with the experiences and outcomes the client desires. Our work is based on dealing with the complicated and elegant tapestry of each individual’s biology, psychological variables, social context, and spirituality. From this, we work backwards to create the means by which those experiences and outcomes will be achieved. Treatment goals and components are negotiated and individually tailored. The client is in charge, helping to alter, continue, or end treatment via ongoing feedback. We use a strengths-based approach to support individuals, couples, and families to develop strategies for coping with life changes and creating choices.

“Jeff Georgi & Associates, LLC. is a group of independent mental health professionals who provide evidence-based treatment for a variety of substance use disorders and their impact on families.”

Myths & Facts about Treatment

What keeps us from getting the help we deserve?

True or False?

Stigma, ignorance, denial, and lack of motivation are the most common reasons potential clients do not seek the help they need.


True or False?

Second to cost, lack of confidence in the outcome of the service is the primary reason that clients do not seek the help they need.


True or False?

Research consistently shows that treatment works.


Study after study show the average treated patient is better off than 80% of the untreated patient. In fact, a therapeutic alliance is the best predictor for positive patient outcomes in treatment. In short, treatment does help.

What works in Alcohol and Drug Treatment? Or what works in treatment?

  • A highly individualized service delivery plan.
  • Formal, ongoing feedback from the clients regarding the plan, process, and outcome of treatment.
  • Integration of the plan and feedback into an innovative and flexible continuum of care that is maximally responsive to the individual client.

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