Durham Addiction Treatment & Recovery Services

Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction, substance abuse or any associated issues? The experienced professionals at Jeff Georgi & Associates will not only create a customized treatment plan for you, but will also stand by you through every step of your recovery.

At Jeff Georgi & Associates, it is our number one priority to help you lead a happy and fulfilled life. We have utilized our clinical services to treat a number of patients throughout Durham and surrounding NC areas who have suffered from addiction, substance abuse, dysregulated eating, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief or any related issues.

We treat patients through a customized plan tailored to suit their unique needs. This plan may include:

  • Initial Assessment. We work closely with patients and their families during the initial assessment period to understand their struggles, underlying issues and desired outcomes. Together, with our patient, we then create a custom plan that will work toward those desired outcomes. Learn more about the initial assessment here.
  • Individual Therapy. Our patient-directed, outcome-driven approach has worked for many patients who have sought individual therapy services from our team. During a course of individual therapy, our patients are ultimately in charge of their path. Learn more about individual therapy services here.
  • Family and Couples Therapy. We believe that those who most closely surround you can have a big influence on your life. Most of our patients take advantage of our family and couples therapy sessions to help restore and strengthen relationships with those closest to them. Learn more about family therapy here.
  • Group Therapy. These 90 minute sessions give our patients the opportunity to share their experiences with a group of individuals who have experienced similar struggles — all in a nurturing, gender-specific environment. Group therapy has helped many of our patients find comfort in sharing with those around them. Learn more about group therapy here.
  • Recovery Coaching. Jeff Georgi & Associates also offers recovery coaching to help bridge the gap between our patients’ treatment and post-treatment recovery. Recovery coaches guide our patients in maintaining a successful recovery after their initial treatment.

In addition to these four core therapeutic services, we also offer:

  • Non-therapeutic individual consultations that allow family members or individuals to seek information and assistance in making decisions about what steps should be taken in response to a loved one’s addiction or mental illness.
  • Clinical evaluations to help determine whether alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs are part of an adolescent’s difficulties.
  • Documentation for legal or other purposes starting at $350 (negotiated fee). It is the client’s responsibility to investigate whether insurance will reimburse the client for a court-ordered assessment.
  • Interventions, utilizing friends and family’s support to encourage a loved one to seek treatment.

If you are interested in seeking treatment, therapy or any of our other services for you or a loved one, contact Jeff Georgi & Associates today. We serve patients throughout Durham, Raleigh & surrounding NC areas, and can help guide you to the right path for successful treatment.

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