Group Therapy

Group Therapy Durham NC

Based in Durham, NC, Jeff Georgi & Associates, LLC, provides group therapy for patients seeking treatment for a variety of mental health issues.

Our group therapy sessions are built on the foundation that all human beings have a universal desire to belong. People are fundamentally relational, and often thrive when surrounded by other people.

How Does Group Therapy Fit into a Successful Treatment Plan?

Often, when a patient has faced substance abuse, addiction, depression or any other trying mental health struggle, they may find themselves withdrawn and isolated. Though many times drug users are surrounded by others using the same drug, or an individual struggling with depression is surrounded by friends or loved ones, they feel alone. Our group therapy sessions are designed to help these individuals use the power of relationship to support them toward their therapeutic goals.

The group presents an opportunity to interact with others who have experienced similar struggles, in a nurturing, gender specific environment, addressing the shame often associated with substance use and mental health disorders. Our group therapy sessions encourage group members to share in a loving and appropriate way, giving and receiving direct feedback.

How Do the Group Therapy Sessions Work?

Most often, group therapy complements individual therapy as part of a successful path to treatment. Most group members are usually in individual therapy with one of our experienced professionals, or have been referred by another therapist, who will continue to monitor their treatment.

Group sessions are held for 90 minutes, and the day of the week varies depending on the group members. Our men’s group currently meets on Monday night from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

How Do I Sign Up For Your Group Therapy?

If you are interested in treatment from Jeff Georgi & Associates, contact us today to get started. We will begin with an initial assessment, and determine if group therapy is a viable option for you. Contact us to learn more about our group therapy, or read through our other treatment services here.

2 thoughts on “Group Therapy

  1. Hi- I’m a psychologist in Durham looking to refer a client to a group in your practice. I’d like to hear more about your groups and tell you about my client to see if he’s an appropriate referral. I’m free today at 6 to speak or tomorrow between 11-12 or 1:30-2. Please let me know a good time and number to reach you.


    • Hello, Gabriella,

      Thank you for your interest in the men’s group. Unfortunately, your availability for a call tomorrow doesn’t match up the openings in my schedule. I have 12-1 or 3:30 -4 open. That said, if you contact my office manager, Jill Collins, 919-812-2697, or to set up another time for us to talk. To reach me directly, the best way is by email, I can send you information about the group as well.

      All the best, Jeff


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